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About Me


Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Pinterest influencer.

Born in Málaga, based in Barcelona since 2007.

My name is Natalia.
I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator with a huge love for photography, design, crafts, fashion and everything artsy. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been coming up with ideas and projects or goals to tackle, it’s how I learn and grow as a person.

I studied graphic design, photography, music theory and piano.

I started making greeting cards and little print projects in a printing factory. Then I moved to Barcelona, to learn more about design and find better opportunities to work as an illustrator.

I’ve been working 8 years in a design and illustration studio, and this year I decided that being freelance is what I wanted to do, so I left my job and her I am!

I would never have imagined the opportunities and experiences that I’ve had a result of my Pinterest profile when I started up in my living room.

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With 1.1 million followers,

my Pinterest profile has more than 2 million visitors monthly.

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